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It Had to Happen: Tsunami Victims Sue United States

Europeans seem to have a problem with a paternalistic United States taking the lead in resolving disputes. President Bush is mocked and derided as a trigger happy cowboy for his administration’s decisive actions in Iraq and strong language aimed at Iran and North Korea. Western Europe, for the most part, seems to believe that it needs no stern hand from Washington destabilizing international relations, and that they could manage just fine without unwanted intrusions from the United States.

And so it is with wonder that we rampaging Americans learned this week that a federal lawsuit has been filed against our government by several European victims (or their survivors) of the December tsunami that devastated coastal areas of the Indian Ocean. It seems these people are convinced that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Pacific Tsunami Warning Center did not do enough to warn the victims of the danger. Never mind that NOAA is financed exclusively by US tax dollars. Never mind that, as the name suggests, this warning center is geared to monitoring the Pacific Ocean (since the US cowboy foreign policy has not established invasion forces or puppet regimes along the Indian Ocean…yet). Never mind that NOAA is the main source of tsunami data and research, and that this information is freely distributed to the international academic community.

It is clear that the United State’s status as the most successful, most influential nation on earth means for many in Europe that it owes various duties of care to the rest of the world. In the adolescent public policy of many European nations, it seems firm paternal guidance will be met with unprincipled rebellion but maternal care (in the form of global monitoring and financial assistance) will be expected as a right.


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