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Hollywood Learning Sex Doesn't Sell?

The pro-family groups have been making the case for years that PG and G rated movies tend to out gross their R and NC-17 counterparts, but now the MSM is starting to take notice.

An article over at CNN today provides a fairly extensive list of sexy flops, and notes that:

As any theater owner will eagerly tell you, American audiences like their movies PG and PG-13, not R, and certainly not NC-17. At the recent ShoWest convention, National Association of Theatre Owners president John Fithian urged Hollywood to give theater owners more PG-rated hits and a lot fewer R-rated losers.

Last year, five of the top-10-grossing movies were PG. Of the top 25, only four were rated R. "Increasingly, if a movie is rated R," says producer John Goldwyn, "audiences won't go."

Yes my friends, this from the folks over at CNN.

Of course one of the reasons given is that sexually explicit content is now so easily accessible in the privacy of your home, who needs to go to the theater. But even here we see lingering hints of a judeo-Christian ethic, for as the article continues:

"Today's audiences aren't comfortable being seen in a mass-audience public place like a cinema complex seeing something that is inevitably notorious because of its sex," producer Bill Horberg writes in an e-mail. "If you go to a complex, you might run into your kids, much less neighbors, co-workers."

Maybe there is something to that notion of sexual shame that John Paul II wrote about in his Theology of the Body audiences after all.

The article concludes:

In the late '60s and early '70s, American movies were full of sexual encounters: "Don't Look Now," "The Graduate," "Klute," "Midnight Cowboy," "Carnal Knowledge." It's hard to imagine even a studio subsidiary greenlighting those movies now. We're not far away from a time when movie lovers who want to see dramas dealing with relationships between consenting adults will order sexy classics like "Women in Love" or new direct-to-DVD dramas for grown-ups from Netflix, Movielink or their cable company.

"We are a Puritan society," Press says. "We'd rather watch it at home."

And it is this excerpt that is most revelatory, for we see a glimmer of the transformation that is taking place in America. As the sexually liberated flower children of the 60s and 70s become a less influential market in areas of life like the movies, their sexy ways are retreating as well, and the younger generation seems to be more interested in relationships and less interested in orgasms than their parents were.

Case in point, the movie Hitch (see the Feb. 14th entry over at Church of the Masses).


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