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Harvard Students Up in Arms Over Dorm Cleaning Service

This feature in today's New York Times tells the story of DormAid, a dorm room cleaning service for uber-busy Ivy Leaguers.

The advent of such a service is not of much note, except for the protest it has generated on Harvard's campus for promoting class warfare. According to one student, it is an offensive display of wealth that could divide students. Of course, the student who made this comment was from Winnetka, Illinois, site of many John Hughes films and hyper-expensive limousine liberal suburb of Chicago.

If you feel uncomfortable as a Harvard student because someone else is dumb enough to pay someone to clean their tiny room, you are a fool. Get a life. (Especially since it is more than likely that you are one of the 70% of Harvard students whose parents' income is more than $100K).

Additionally, Harvard officials made the company, run by two students, change its name from DorMaid to DormAid because Maid is a "sexist, offensive term."

Harvard has had a quite a month with the Summers fiasco, Jada Pinkett Smith's "heteronormativity," and now this nonsense. And these are our best and brightest? Lovely.

Christina Hoff Sommers breaks down the dysfunction at Cambridge on NRO.


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