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Demography is Destiny: The Euro-Cities Redux

A few weeks back, I wrote about the phenomenon of Euro-Cities. These cities have made themselves BoBo enclaves for the new, childless information-age elite that has lots of disposable income. These cities are pricing middle-class folks and those with families out of the housing market, and indirectly denying those people access to the cultural resources of urban environments. In another piece, I noted how Minneapolis was itself fostering this trend. Additionally, another piece described the sales-pitch that small towns were making to lure folks away from city life.

In two recent columns, Mark Steyn notes the demographic suicide of the liberal West, and wonders about the point of creating these little utopian enclaves if only for a generation.

Additionally, today's New York Times has a column describing how urban schools are losing enrollments of because of declining demographics. The article notes that urban revitalization has brought folks with high incomes and no children (read: BoBos and DINKs) and has priced families out of the community.

Interestingly enough, the most countercultural and culture-changing thing that people can do is have children and raise them well. It is a powerful witness to a culture that finds children and other inconvenient life forms an annoyance. I tend to think the demographics have a lot to do with worldview, as well as not wanting to be bothered by anything that will get in the way of my chosen lifestyle choices. But an increased respect for and appreciation for life might be a stepping stone to conversion or vice versa. Which, of course, makes our vocation that much more important.


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