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Bishop Blocks Gay Funeral

Bishop Robert Brom of San Diego took an unpopular stand a few weeks ago when he ordered all churches in his diocese to refuse to hold a funeral for a deceased gay nightclub owner.

According to the article in the LA Times, the clubs have been rented to firms filming gay pornography in the past and pornography stars often appear at one of the clubs. In addition the clubs feature "slave auctions" and "leather" activities.

Bishop Brom had noted the deceased's business activities were "contrary to sacred Scripture and the moral teachings of the church" and that he wanted to avoid public scandal by offering the deceased a funeral.

Of course the Episcopalians, not wanting to miss yet another chance to affirm their support for homosexuality, were more than happy to hold the funeral.


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Comments (4)

Jason A.:


But you missed all the backtracking and apologizing the bishop did after this blew up in the media. And, they offered to hold a memorial service. I just don't get the point of drawing a line in the sand and then kow-towing to the media and the Lefists.


"kow-towing to the media and the Lefists..."

Was Flynn there?

What would you rather have: a purer Church or a popular and rich Church. The American bishops have spoken.

I gave up harshin' on our bishops for Lent, but Lent's over baby. Who are these guys?


Is the glass half empty or half full?

In my mind bowing to media pressure would be to have the funeral. The refusal to do so sent a pretty strong message, and the fact that many in the gay community were disappointed with the apology is telling.

There is no doubt the media influenced his decision, but it is a difficult situation, as the media's account is the voice of the Church for many Catholics (my forthocming disseration in a few years will make this case) so I don't think one can simply ignore the media criticism.


How is it a difficult position? Unrepentant homosexuals want the sacraments. Catholic politicians advocate abortion and want the sacraments. Divorced Catholics and unmarried cohabitating Catholics come to Mass and want the sacraments. These are only difficult for a bishop if he values decent secular press over faithful obedience.

A bishop can and must ignore media criticism. The Church is in the world, not of the world. If the secular media is only way that Catholics know their Mother Church, then the bishops in general are even more worthy of scorn. Every archdiocese has a newspaper, every bishop has a communications office, and every parish has a parishioner mailing list and a bulletin. Every parish has a meeting space to hold bible studies, discussions and other catechetical endeavors. Most importantly, every parish has the Sacraments and the pulpit.

Not having your forthcoming dissertation (which I’m sure would squash me like a grape), I would make this claim. Morally bankrupt secular humanism owns the press. A bishop can tell how well he is doing his job by how vilified he is in the press. Any bishop that regularly gets good press in this country is suspect. Any American Catholic who gets their primary information about the Church from the secular press in this day and age is a fool.

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