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Are You Heteronormative?

The Harvard Crimson reports that actress Jada Pinkett Smith (wife of Will Smith) spoke at Harvard this past weekend, and made offensive comments regarding male-female relationships that some described as "heteronormative."

Pile this on to the Larry Summers flap, and Harvard looks increasingly like an institution straight out of Orwell's 1984: Good thoughts will be rewarded, bad thoughts will be punished. Here is a mind-numbing excerpt from the article:

"Calling the comments heteronormative, according to Woods, means they implied that standard sexual relationships are only between males and females.

“Our position is that the comments weren’t homophobic, but the content was specific to male-female relationships,” Woods said.

Margaret C. D. Barusch ’06, the other BGLTSA co-chair, said the comments might have seemed insensitive in effect, if not in intent.

“I think the comments had a very strong focus for an extended period of time on how to effectively be in a relationship—a heterosexual relationship,” Barusch said. “I don’t think she meant to be offensive but I just don’t think she was that thoughtful.”

In order to discuss these concerns and ensure that such a misunderstanding doesn’t occur again, Paulus said the BGLTSA and the Foundation are planning a joint breakfast later this week as well as a general discussion forum for all of the SAC member groups."

Hat Tip: Southern Appeal.


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