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Welfare for All

I got an interesting letter in the mail today from yet another social service outfit in town, Animal Ark. Apparently this $591,000 per/year organization is committed to providing luxry accomodations for the homeless, homeless pets that is.

According to their site:

Dogs are housed in spacious kennels, the largest of which measure 9-feet by 12-feet. Each dog is provided with its own, soft, raised bed with blankets, chew toys and treats. Large, outdoor play yards are provided for our pooches. Three times each day, dogs are taken out for potty breaks and play with other dogs. In the heat of summer, kiddy pools and water misting systems provide the dogs with cool comfort. Additionally, dogs are walked each day by a group of dedicated volunteers.

Rabbits are kept in a luxury bunny suite that includes all the amenities a house rabbit deserves.

They also served 90,000 "meals" this past year, and have touched the lives of hundreds of pets. Take for example the heroic story of Annie.

Annie is a 7-year old German Shepherd that had lived her whole life outside on a short chain before coming to Animal Ark. And the years of neglect and abuse had taken their toll on her. Though she had a gentle peaceful spirit, she was fearful of everyone and everything. But with a lot of pampering, daily massages and lots of treats, Annie learned to apprciate her new life. Annie not only found a new home, Animal Ark used her story to help the City of Saint Paul to pass restrictions that prevent the chronic chaining of dogs outside.

No, I am not making this up. I won't even tell you about the "Pit Fix" Pit Bull Sterilization Program.

Don't be surprised if the rising costs of Pet Care necessitate a new Peticaid Program so that no rabbit is left behind.


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