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Gay Genes MIA

A study slated for publication in the journal Human Genetics gives a scientific boost to the argument that there is no such thing as a gay gene.

Apparently, scientists could find no statistically significant indication that genes make you gay:

The analysis says of the study, “The authors describe in the article three non-X chromosomal ‘new regions of genetic interest’ (7q36, 8p12, and 10q26). In the authors’ view, a noteworthy aspect of the study as follows: ‘Our strongest finding was on 7q36 with a combined mlod score of 3.45 and equal distribution from maternal and paternal allele transmission. This score falls just short of Lander and Kruglyak's (1995) criteria for genomewide significance.’ They go on to say ‘two additional regions (8p12 and 10q26) approached the criteria for suggestive linkage’ -- again pointing out that neither was statistically significant.”

Thus, even the author’s “strongest finding” was not statistically significant by widely accepted scientific criteria.

Watch for a backlash in a newspaper near you.


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