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Bush Condemns Nation to Hell

So says the MSM in chorus after the release of the President's budget. Here is the headline from today's Star Tribune, which expanded upon the lede from yesterday's New York Times, which noted that the new budget raises health care copayments for veterans. Hmmm. You have a gazillion page budget, and that is the dominant feature worth profiling?

"President Bush sent Congress a $2.57 trillion budget plan today that seeks deep spending cuts across a wide swath of government from reducing subsidies paid to the nation's farmers, cutting health care payments for poor people and veterans and trimming spending on the environment and education."

Read the full story here.

My question is, will there be a fair appraisal of this bill anywhere in the media besides talk radio, the blogosphere and Fox News? Does anyone have time to read this and analyze it. Are we to think that the President is so cavalierly stupid as to promote cuts in the very things Democrats will demagogue to defeat the Bush agenda?

And remember, spending cuts for liberals often mean reductions in the proposed annual spending INCREASES. So instead of increasing education spending 20% (as may have been scheduled or proposed), we only inrease it 10%.

Oh, the humanity.


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