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Why I Pay No Attention to Diocesan Social Justice Offices

Once again, the Minnesota bishops have come out for tax increases for a fair and equitable distribution of income and to meet "human needs."

Frankly, this is scandalous. We have been pouring money down the rathole of government welfare projects for too long. In next week's Catholic Spirit there will be an op-ed from Kathy Tomlin or Ron Krietemeyer exhorting me to go beyond my naked self-interest and support the tax increases. Never mind that I donate a sizable amount of my (loan money) to charities that actually do something positive. Nope, not good enough. I need to energize the forces of benevolence at the local bureaucracy so they can create more layers of red tape and associate director positions to more efficiently distribute checks. Monstrous ignorance and stupidity.

If the bishops want to have an opinion, fine. But when are they going to learn that when they speak beyond their realm of credibility and authority, they do more damage to themselves. Why not propose general principles (which are the only real substantive set of doctrines that Catholic Social Thought provides) and focus on the essentials. Supposedly, this is the age of the laity, so shouldn't the bishops get out of the way and let us work out prudential matters with the mind of the Church? The problem is that "the laity" in this case isn't in line with the ex-nuns and "justice" bureaucrats who run chanceries and have the ear of bishops. Read the full statement here.

A list of 2005 legislative priorities for the Minnesota Catholic Conference can be accessed at this link. At least they list the tax increase as the third priority behind abortion and a state marriage amendment.

A discussion on this issue is happening at Amy Welborn's blog, Open Book.

And for more episcopal malaise, Hugh Hewitt compares the Church's response to the sex-abuse scandals with the cover-up by CBS News.


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