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Who Has the Catholic Architecture?

Catesby Leigh, the regular architecture critic for the Weekly Standard, has a piece on OpinionJournal.com contrasting the ongoing renovation, or as they say, "wreckovation," of Milwaukee's Catholic Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, with the construction of an Episcopal chapel attached to a retirement community. You can already guess which building is more Catholic. Two points need to be made, however. One, this is a chapel for a retirement community--the Episcopal Church is losing numbers left and right and it's not clear that this means anything about the orthodoxy of the Episcopal Church in general. Two, Milwaukee's Catholic Archbishop Timothy Dolan is a great man and has been fighting the good fight since his installation.

My only question is if it's too early to raise money to really renovate the Catholic Cathedral. I'm sure it would be possible for Archbishop Dolan to raise the money from outside donors saddened at the wreckage left by Archbishop Weakland.


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