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Suburban Culture and the Urbanist Bigotry

I'll admit that I find living in a city more congenial and probably healthier than living in the suburbs. I think that much of the new urbanist critique of suburban design is correct. But I also think I, along with a lot of other new urbanists and fellow travelers, often engage in a dangerous sort of pride about where I live. Particularly in the belief that the arts only are valued in cities. Joel Kotkin's "Suburban Culture: Soccer, SUV's, and, now, Symphonies," on OpinionJournal.com, weighs in with some information about the life of the arts in suburbs around the country. He mentions, for instance, the fact that there are more arts jobs in the Chicago suburbs than there are in Chicago proper. I still believe that older urban planning principles--sidewalks, multi-use zoning, narrow streets, etc--beat those of the modern suburb any day of the week. But that does not mean that the people in those suburbs are simply uncultured.


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