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Peter Kreeft in the New Yorker

OK, so the good Professor didn't actually publish in that droll urban liberals mag, but I saw therein an ad for The Modern Scholar: Great Professors Teaching You, a company not quite modern enough to have a website, but modern enough that you can call (800-636-3399) or fax (410-535-5499) them to order sets of lectures in a variety of different areas, including stand-byes like "Masterpieces of Western Music" and "A History of Ancient Rome," but also more specific topics like "Winston Churchill: Man of the Century," and "The Literature of C. S. Lewis." No, that last series was not the one Kreeft is doing, but instead it is "Ethics: A History of Moral Thought." I'm not a very good listener (just ask my wife) but many people are and I'm glad that the Modern Scholar's ad has a stand-up Catholic teacher so prominently displayed in such a place. It's a good sign for the times.


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