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More on the Spanish Condoms Debacle

As I figured, this was a non-story. Yahoo! News blared the headline "Spanish Church Backs Condoms" early this morning. I was waiting for the corrections to come out, and come out they have.

It appears that the MSM, in its desire to make the Church look foolish in its inconsistency, or, rather, that it is finally catching up to modernity, pulled this story out of thin air by either not checking with the source, or twisting the spokesman's words.

There was just no way the Spanish bishops, who are a rather conservative lot, would do something like this without the nod from the Home Office. And everyone knows that Cardinal Trujillo is dead-set against condoms as a solution to the AIDS crisis, and for good reason.

Also, read the logic of the Bishops' spokesman's defense of condoms from the Reuters story. What???

This ranks up there with "Church Declares Monopoly on Salvation" that came out when Dominus Iesus was published.

The Curt Jester is on the case.


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