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Katie Couric and the 411 on Teen Sex

For those of you who missed it, Katie Couric spent Wednesday night talking about teens and sex. I made a makeshift antenna for my TV for the occasion, and thanks to a stripped twisty tie and some tin foil, was able to watch the entire program, albeit a bit snowy and occasionally fading into black and white.

All in all it was pretty good. A touch salacious, and overly sexualized, but fairly accurate based upon focus group research I have done with teens about sex. The program was based in part on a survey conducted by NBC/People Magazine. The results are available here and are quite illuminative. You even get to see the questions, as they were asked.

The program even featured a devout Catholic teen saying how sex was so valuable she was saving it for marriage. Her ignorance of what the word "fondling" meant reinforced a few stereotypes, but all in all I think she was portrayed fairly.

Full transcripts and some of the video is available on the web. Bottom line is kids today view sex a lot more casually than they used to and they wish their parents would talk to them more about it, but Boomer parents are afraid to say anything, and their kids are the ones suffering because of it.

Worth the read/watch for anyone working with teens or addressing issues of sexual practice.


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