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If I've said it once, I've said it a million times. . .

. . .that we need to stop exaggerating. I got my letter today from the Thomas More Law Center asking that I renew my membership. I give this organization, headed by Richard Thompson, some money each year because I think many of the cases they work on are valuable--defending pro-life students who are made to not wear pro-life clothing, crafting pro-life legislation for states, defending Nativity Scenes in public where Menorahs or Crescents have been allowed, etc.

But I take some umbrage at the letter I received which claims that "the main battleground in the culture war is the courtroom. . ."
and that fighting courtroom battles is "the single most EFFECTIVE way to WIN
this all out war for the soul of America!."

With all due understanding of the legal and judicial problems in the US, the line dividing good and evil is still, as Solzhenitsyn put it, running right down the middle of the human heart. As I noted yesterday, the key to that war is prayer and fasting--culture is from cultus, meaning worship. That is the "main battleground in the culture war."

Just like the claim that "America is the last and best hope for the world," such claims invert the proportions in our thinking and thus take our eyes off the main goal, perhaps inducing idolatry. So, fine, give to Thomas More Law Center--I will--but let's all keep our heads and remember that the main battleground is in churches, adoration chapels, prayer closets, and icon corners. Not in the courtroom.


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