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Good Riddance (But What Took So Long?)

Our Daily Cat Box Liner is reporting today that two pastors from two notorious Catholic parishes are resigning their posts. This is good news indeed, but we will have to wait for the fallout.

As noted in these pages before, the strange contradiction of the Archbishop’s decision to legitimize heretics at renegade parishes indefinitely while at the same time forcefully evicting a chartered, respected organization like Regnum Christi is troubling to the faithful. It is disheartening that these disobedient pastors had to leave, apparently, of their own accord. But now that they are thankfully on their way, the Chancery cannot avoid taking a position. They will have to decide what, if anything, to say about these pastors and then they will have to install new pastors. Who will be the new shepherds for the confused souls at St. Joan of Arc and St. Thomas the Apostle? And what will the Chancery have to say about the “service” of these pastors who ignored doctrine and willfully lead their flock into moral error? Will the new pastors set things right at the expense of parish enrollment, or will they continue the scandal?

It is telling that the answers to these questions are not obvious. They should be.


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I wasn't too impressed by the commentary on this Star Tribine article. Being in leadership is tough and I think its important to give the benefit of the doubt. Archbishop Flynn has faithfully shepherded the people of this archdiocese for several years in a beautifully pastoral way. There's something to be said for acting in prudence and I believe he's been doing so all along. A simple look at the steady refinement he has led of the St. Paul Seminary shows his deep commitment to truth and a desire to lead the people of this archdiocese to Christ. My understanding is that taking action regarding Regnum Christi was necessary because of the new compliance regulations that resulted from the sexual abuse scandal. The situation at St. Joan of Arc is touchy and clearly steps are being taken in the right direction. I don't see why that is such a contradiction. Let's stand behind our shepherd and support him in prayer!

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