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Evolution, blah, blah

While I usually stay away from the evolution debate/discussions, mostly because I really don't care, this news item, sent to me by a friend, was rather noteworthy.

A federal judge has decided that stickers on biology text books that state that Darwninian evolution is theory, not fact, are unconstitutional as an establishment of religion. More news stories chronicling this silliness can be accessed here.

While I think one can reconcile natural selection and theism, the implications of this ruling seem to be a desire to impose state atheism. Questioning a materialistic philosophy in a public school text book is establishment? Asserting some higher "designer" may exist is a threat to freedom? Yowsa.

Tawlk amongst ya selves.


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Has there ever been a religion as insecure and intolerant as American secularism is? Rage almost turns to pity. At least, until you try to come up with an analog. If there has ever been a comparably insecure and vulnerable “religion” is was Soviet Communism. The slightest dissent was met with stark and immediate violence. I am reminded of Stalin’s decades-long quest to murder Trotsky after Stalin seized the Bolshevik reins. Trotsky was not a good sport, and instead of being arrested he fled west and continued to teach, lecture and write books about Stalin’s regime with titles like “The Falsification Of History” and “The Revolution Betrayed.” Stalin knew very few Soviets could ever get their hands on such a book and the official line was that Trotsky had already been killed. But he sent death squads and assassins all over the world until he finally managed to get an ice pick lodged in the back of Trotsky’s head. Stalin’s regime was a lie, and he could not stand for any truth to creep in.

The radical left will not, cannot rest until every vestige of Christianity is eradicated because every Church steeple, every Bible in the bookstore, every conservative radio show is a ray of truth that pierces the thin gauze of their materialism. As a convert, and not an inspirational one, I can testify that the closer God gets to your hardened heart, the more the truth hurts and the harder you work to not be reminded. Of course, the more you shove Christianity aside, the more of Western civilization you lose. So you are left asserting ridiculous claims, such as: pornography is art; there is no enemy worth going to war with; drugs are not destructive; a mother leaving her newborn is daycare is okay; the Beatles and REM are as good as Back and Beethoven; etc. And when you want to pry yourself from this baggage, you find that the only available tool is…Christianity. Doh!

These people think that if they replace every cross with a rainbow sash, they will be safe from reminders. But they fail to recognize that this civilization is Christian to its bedrock foundations. This stuff is written in people’s hearts and cannot be erased.

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