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David Hart's Public Catechesis

David B. Hart, the best Eastern Orthodox theologian in America,and probably the best theologian in America, period, has a nice piece on OpinionJournal.com that does a wonderful job heading off at the pass the Voltaire-lite types who want to declare that the tsunami in South Asia shows God is dead. Hart does so by pointing out that the only God who might be affected by such attacks is the deist God of said Voltaire types. Hart does some wonderful public catechesis about the Christian vision with his usual literary flair and without any hint of the pedantic:

Yes, at the heart of the gospel is an ineradicable triumphalism, a conviction that the victory over evil and death has been won; but it is also a victory yet to come. As Paul says, all creation groans in anguished anticipation of the day when God's glory will transfigure all things. For now we live amid a strife of darkness and light.


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