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A Set of Predictions I Think Are Plausible

Michael Long has a column with some excellent cultural predictions. The one I'm most interested in claims that pro-lifers will draft something like a Human Life Amendment in 2005 so that pro-abortion forces will have to spend themselves out of money fighting a two-front war 1) to defend Roe in the first place and 2) to defeat the amendment. Long claims that this is desired so that pro-lifers will not have to fight an expensive 50-state battle even if Roe is overturned.

My own inclination is to think that such an amendment is still unlikely to pass, but possibly worth doing for the strategic reasons given by Long. It is also necessary at all times to note that any battle for the good--particularly this one--must be fought not just with strategy and legality must begin, be driven by, and conclude with both prayer and fasting--and personal as well as corporate witness to life in the culture.


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Jason A.:

A Human Life Amendment is proposed every congressional session by Rep. Jim Oberstar (D-MN). It won't go anywhere, and never has.

The real work to be done in the abortion arena (besides fighting tooth and nail for good judges) is in shoring up public support for common sense regulations, especially parental notification/consent laws. The most prudential path would be to garner broad public support for these measures and then note the radical disregard for these laws by the federal judiciary that reads SCOTUS limitations on abortion regulations very broadly.

Otherwise, prayer and fasting it is.

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