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Victims of Our Own Success

The other day I was lamenting the growing commercialization of the internet that is slowing rendering all search engines worthless.

You would think shopping for insurance on the web would make life easier, but the reality is most of those supposed rate comparison sites are bankrolled by a handful of companies, and the "best rate" tends to be pretty lousy.

Unfortunately, this commericalization isn't limited to the far flung reaches of cyber insurance land. Apparently The Seventh Age has grown so popular, Texas Holdem and Online Casion had to offer about 50 comments on recent entries to try and lure you, our thousands of faithful readers, to gamble your life away.

Being an authoritarian right-wing first ammendment desecrating radical, I promptly removed these comments. I expect the ACLU to threaten a lawsuit over this protected commerical speech in a public forum in the near future. Your contributions to our legal fund to defend our right to can SPAM are appreciated!


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