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The NARAL Party?

While there have been rumblings about democrats softening their abortion support, an article in today's Los Angeles Times sketches out the very real possibility.

Of course while some astute democrats are reading the writing on the walls, spiritual blindness is still causing political blindness in others:

Gloria Feldt, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said Democratic strategists who were pushing for the abortion discussion had misconstrued the results of the November election, by overstating the strength of "values" voters.

She said the party should remain committed to the "women of America, and their health and their lives and their rights."

Feldt said she had spoken to Kerry and Roemer on Wednesday, and both sought to allay her concerns. Both assured her that the party was not changing its stance on abortion, but merely wanted to be more "inclusive."

If the quest for "political capital" trumps the democrats allegiance to abortion, a NARAL party may not be far behind. Of course with murmurs of Arnold and Gulliani types on the right side of the aisle come 2008, maybe a new alliance could be forged.


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Jason A.:

Democrats would have to be stupid not to embrace common sense abortion restrictions. Besides, they can do so at practically no cost, since most will get struck down in the federal courts anyway. They can really have it both ways, but will they stand up to Feldt, et al. We should be quick to point the inconsistency, should it arise, that Democrats help pass abortion restrictions, and fail to appoint judges that will uphold them.

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