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The Myth of the Tolerant God

Anytime you try to make an argument that something is morally wrong, you are chided as a Pharisee, by someone who doesn't actually know much about Pharisees at all. Remember, Jesus came to abolish the law! Heh.

Here is nice piece on the silliness of the liberal multicultural God that people have created to jusitfy their sin.

Hat Tip: Touchstone Magazine's Mere Comments blog.


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That is a great article you linked to. It is one of the clearest I've read in articulating the trouble with "tolerance" as it is commonly used. The fact is, we should be wary of any god who does not ask anything difficult of us, anything against our will. How can we know, in that case, if it truly is a god, or rather just the voice of our own will, speaking in majestic tones (as the fallen will is apt to do)?

I think that what it comes down to is that those who believe in the myth of the tolerant god really do not believe as we understand the term.

Rather, they imagine. They fondly desire. They make believe. And to the extent that we are selfish, proud, arrogant, and disobedient, we do too.

The question is, how to combat this myth most effectively, especially within the Church?

Jason A.:

Ooh la la. "SNiemann" is now online! More intellectual prowess for our burgeoning blog universe!


My husband has corrupted me. I admit it.

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