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Thank You, Southern Appeal

One of my favorite blogs, Southern Appeal, has linked to us under the proprietor's "My Huckleberry" category of notable blogs. This is a significant honor for which we give thanks and a big rebel yell.

The blog is run by Stephen Dillard, "Southern Catholic Federalist," and up-and-coming conservative lawyer. He has assembled a collection of fine bloggers to comment on everything from the world of politics, law, religion, and culture (especially Southern).

I let him know I was a Northern (by geography, certainly not disposition!) Catholic Federalist.

Check out his blog and support his sponsors.

We will have our "blogs of fame" up soon. Right, now law school finals are putting the clamp down.


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An enjoyable blog, but then today I see the searing cultural issue is "Nirvana or Pearl Jam: who kicks more rockin' ass?" Just a guess, but since Pearl Jam still makes records and Cobain put a large hole in his head, Pearl Jam wins. What else is there to say about it? Why does pop music hold such a spell over us?

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