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Sam Brownback for President

I had only heard that Santorum was a likely candidate up until now, but I have more respect for Sen. Brownback. There has been some huffing and puffing about a Brownback candidacy as of late. If so, I'm way on board. Too conservative, THEY are saying. Yes, that's right.

In today's NY Times, Nicholas Kristof says Sen. Brownback is to the right of Attilla the Hun, but sometimes he is right, even if it is because of superstitious, intolerant Christian faith.

Our hymnal at church has italicized words at the beginning of each song that describe the disposition with which you should sing that hymn, such as "moderately," "with dignity," "joyously," etc. That is a post for another day. However, I thought I'd highlight the tenor of my response to Nicholas Kristof today: "Charitably." Now the comment: Jack-ass.


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