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Real Estate Killed the Blogger Man (and the budget)

My blogging has been a bit light (okay, non-existant) of late as I enter into the real estate fray in hot pursuit of the American dream, my very own deficit. Isn't home ownership wonderful?

So the purchase agreement is signed, the home inspected, and the mortgage almost worked out (if you thought telemarketers were bad, wait until a mortgage broker finds out you are in the market. It gives new meaning to the word relentless.).

I am also encountering the 200% markup that accompanies anything that has to do with buying a house, from inspection services to photocopying documents, to appraisals. Makes me want to consider a career change.

Anyway, here is the new mansion:

Who said debt was such a bad thing? Now I understand why the federal governement has such a hard time balancing the budget. It's so much more enjoyable to buy with someone else's money!


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Jason A.:

Congratulations Stephen! What a great looking home! Yes, debt is fun.

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