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Morning After Pill Moves to Hawaii

In yet another chapter in the growing politicization of reproduction, Hawaii pharmacists can now distribute the "morning after" pill over the counter without a perscription.

The law comes after the state legislature decided to take matters into its own hands and decree the distribution of the drug over the counter without a perscription.

Call my skeptical, but somehow I don't think heavily lobbied public officials who depend in lage part on financial contributions to keep their jobs are going to necessarily be looking out for the public welfare. They certainly aren't in the case of Hawaii's most vulnerable.

Let's just hope the Congress doesn't take over for the FDA!


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Comments (1)


"Advocates say the pills can prove valuable to patients who are opposed to abortion but open to pregnancy prevention."

Here's what I don't understand. How can anyone write this sentence and not wonder -- how does one prevent pregnancy AFTER conception? Hmmmm?

I mean, if it's a "morning after" pill, isn't it a tad bit adolescent to say this is a preventative thing? If no conception took place, then the pill was useless. If conception did take place, then the pill causes an abortion. Or are we now going to assert that perhaps there is some mystical lag time between when the deed is done and when pregnancy begins? (Perhaps we need our famed former president to help distinguish what "begins" really means, to the initiated...)

I suppose that Hawaii is just doing what might be expected. But as a former copy editor I am appalled at the poor journalism going on here.

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