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More Rumblings of Crumblings of Roe

I just came across an interesting piece by Frances Kissling, the infamous leader of "Catholics" for a Free Choice," the "Catholic" voice of the abortion industry.

Entitled "Is There Life After Roe?" Kissling spends a substantial part of the piece conceding ground to pro-lifers. Everything from parental notification to partial birth abortion is handed to the pro-lifers on a silver platter. Not only that, she laments the "hardening of heart" of pro-aborts:

For me, a more troubling question is whether or not regular exposure to the taking of life in abortion or the defense of a right to choose abortion would, if not addressed, lead to a coarsening of attitude toward fetal life. The inability of prochoice leaders to give any specific examples of ways in which respect for fetal life can be demonstrated or to express any doubt about any aspect of abortion suggests that such a hardening of the heart is possible.

You might be on to something there Frances!

I think a close reading of the article could make the case she admits the above is forgone conclusion, though she never comes out and says as much.

Obviously, Kissling seems to be reading the signs of the times well, (this was published before the election) striving to make peace with her enemies on the way to court, and while she still maintains her support of abortion, she does a really good job of undercutting such a position. Not only that she levels what I think is a reasonable criticism for all of us to take to heart:

I would expect that if bishops really believed that abortion was murder, they would individually and collectively make far more sacrifices to ensure that abortions did not happen. While the bishops provide very little detailed information about their expenditures, it is clear that the amount of money spent on preventing abortions is very little. The bishops claim that abortion is the greatest moral issue of our time, that Catholics cannot vote for candidates who are prochoice and that prochoice Catholic legislators are committing a grave sin by supporting legal abortion. This is a weak rhetorical response to “murder.” How can any bishop or parish priest justify spending one penny on anything discretionary rather than on helping the many women who would continue their pregnancies if they had the resources to bear and raise a child? No dinners, no business class plane tickets, no vacations, no flowers on the altar as long as one penny is needed to prevent abortions.

Okay, so she has an ax to grind with the bishops, and is grasping for straws to justify her opposition, but as Aquinas says, pay more attention to what is said than who says it.

We'd love to have you join us in living this Frances!


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