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Minnesota's Own Frank Rich

When it comes to religion writing in major newspapers, there are few worse than the New York Times's Frank Rich. Rich has written a series of columns this past year linking "The Passion," George W. Bush, and the general advent of evil.

Not to be outdone, Minnesota has a pair of contenders in Doug Grow and Nick Coleman at the Star Tribune. Grow regularly likes to stick his finger in the eye of religion in general, except when it is useful as a prop for what he wants to say.

Coleman, on the other hand, is a Mo-Dowd kind of Catholic. He laments the silencing of the bells at the Cathedral, and waxes eloquently about the beauty of the (authentically) multicultural communion down at St. Olaf Catholic Church. However, even at Christmas, he must get in a few shots at the forces of intolerance rampant within the Church and American society in general. If only Christians could get what it's really all about (they just need a punch in the face from Coleman). Coleman loves the Church, except when it gets in the way of his politics and personal life.


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Hey, I wanted Coleman's punch in the face, but I couldn't get it because when I went to the link, it brought me to the Strib's registration page! Rats. And then, when I tried to get back here, I was merely brought back to the registration page. One more reason to hate the Strib.

Jason A.:

If you have already registered at the Strib, and have your computer remember your password, the link should work. Sorry! If you go to today's paper (12/29), our friend Nick goes after bloggers.

And while I have no particular affection for the guys at the Powerline blog, whose sheer partisanship allowed them to stumble into fame with the Bush guard memos, Coleman's rant is the typical self-righteous "sliming" he always accuses others of.

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