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Liberals and Language

Language is a fundamental element of culture. When it collapses, meaningful communications are no longer possible. What’s left has been starkly chronicled by Orwell and others.

“But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.” –Orwell

And so it is very revealing to recall certain liberals comparing conservatives to Nazis during the election season. Now that the Dutch are legally murdering “undesirable” babies in hospitals, we find liberals at a loss for words. If American political conservatives are Nazis, what word do you use for the Dutch who have now assumed Nazi values?

Similarly, we have the insipid puerility of Al Fraken casually spitting the slur of “racist” at David Horowitz. If Fraken’s meager intellect were not totally debased, even he would know that “racist” is one of the gravest accusations a civilized man can face. In days of yore, Fraken would publicly apologize or face his adversary on the field of honor. Instead, Horowitz has other plans.

Diversity is conformity…tolerance is dominion…choice is requirement…


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