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Legionaries of Christ Banned from Archdiocese

In a letter dated Nov. 23rd Archbishop Harry Flynn notified all pastors and parish life administrators that he has asked the Legionaries of Christ to "not be active in any way in the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis." He also asked that Regnum Chrisit activies, "be kept completely separate from all activities of the parishes and the Archdiocese."

This ban comes after similar action by the Archdiocese of Columbus a few years ago where:

Effective October 15, 2002, a revised policy has been placed into effect regarding the Regnum Christi organization and the Legionaries of Christ priests. This is a diocesan wide policy, applicable to all parishes and diocesan facilities and organizations. Regnum Christi is a legitimate association of the faithful in the Catholic Church. While members have a canonical right to join legitimate associations of the faithful, not all associations are approved or supported by the Diocese of Columbus. As a result of concerns regarding some of its operating methods, and stresses that have been experienced from some of its activities here, the Diocese of Columbus does not endorse or support Regnum Christi. In order to prevent any confusion whatsoever, the activities of Regnum Christi must be completely separate from all activities of the parishes and the Diocese.

Effective as of October 15, 2002, Regnum Christi meetings are not to be held on any parish or diocesan property. There is already an agreement with the Provincial of the Legionaries of Christ that their priests are not to be active in any way in the Diocese of Columbus. Furthermore, the Legionaries of Christ priests are not to be used as advisors to any school or parish. They are not to be involved in any school or in any school activities. Neither any school nor any parish is to be used as a recruitment tool for any program sponsored by the Legionaries of Christ or Regnum Christi. Programs for young people or adults sponsored by Regnum Christi are not to be operated through any parish or promoted through any parish channels, including parish newsletters or bulletins. Likewise, programs for young people or adults sponsored by Regnum Christi are not to be operated through any diocesan organization, office or facilities, or promoted through any diocesan channels. No one employed by any parish or the Diocese may use their position to promote the activities of Regnum Christi.

Word on the street is heavy-handed recruting tactics, especially at diocescan seminaries may be in part to blame, but there is no confirmation on this. Flynn's letter just offers vague concerns about the intent of their work.

The quality of formation provided by the Legionaries and Regnum Christi is lauded by many, but their recruiting tactics are also widely criticized. Hopefully this action will help perfect the movement.


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Comments (5)


It is strange that this letter comes only days before the Regnum Christi movement receives the highest possible approval from the Pope himself!
I think the Archbishop may be rethinking his letter once he is made aware of the Pontifical Approval of Regnum Christi.

I stumbled on your site today while looking up some information on this matter.

A nice site indeed; I'll be checking back frequently.

Is the site name derived from Dawson's essay on the six ages of the Church?

Jason A.:

Yes, our site is named after Dawson's essay. We'll have the complete story up soon. Thanks for checking in, and tell your friends.

To our other friend: It is strange this letter came out right before the glowing praise heaped on the LCs by the Holy Father. As Vaticanista John Allen says, the Vatican knows about the charges against Macial and the movement, they just don't take them seriously.


I am not familiar with the criticism of the Legionaires of Christ, however I have written to them about the money they waste on fundraisig pros. They spend way too much on their begging letters and are all too frequent ! When one is pushing poverty, as vows, one doesn't blow money.They do seem to get ahold of a young man and hang on like a bulldog.

The LC are wolves in shepherds clothing.
For more information see

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