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Harry Flynn, Cardinal Arinze, and the Rainbow Sash

Archbishop Flynn visits the Vatican and discusses the Rainbow Sash dilemna with Cardinal Arinze.

He stated that he was under no impression that the Holy See wanted him to change his policy. He noted that he and Cardinal George had come to different conclusions about giving communion to sash wearers because "they had assured him in writing" they didn't wear the sash to protest church teaching.

Now seriously folks. I am sure our good bishop is well-intentioned, but this goes beyond all reason. As noted below, I am sure the Legionaries assured the Archbishop in writing that they were not out to engage in overt sheep stealing from the diocesan seminary, but despite the vague and ambiguous nature of the communications between the Legionaries and the Chancery, Harry Flynn took decisive and sweeping action, banning them from any connection with the diocese. There are some gross inconsistencies here that need to be explained.


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Amen, brother. But don't even get me started. I have two more finals to live through.

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