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Getting Nostalgic for the Sedition Act

Our Daily Litter Box Liner carries a Washington Post story this morning revealing that the well-documented tough questions received by Rumsfeld this week from a National Guardsman in Iraq were in fact scripted by a member of the press corps. He snooped around until he found willing accomplices, scripted the questions and then brow beat the soldiers with the microphones into picking his guys. Then he crafted a front page article on low moral that clearly did not represent the general feeling (as recounted here). Just for good measure, he suggested that the Bush Administration’s corruption or incompetence was putting Americans in harm’s way without proper equipment.

Leaving aside the validity of the original question, where does this media subterfuge end? As far as equipment goes, it would seem the US military has the right gear. No one is in Iraq who didn’t sign up for military duty voluntarily. If treason is giving aid and comfort to the enemy, how much farther do the mainstream media have to go before they cross the line? There has got to be a limit.


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Jason A.:

That is a sweet Apache. Maybe the JAG corps wouldn't be so bad...

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