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Chief Justice Thomas?

We should only be so lucky. Although, I still prefer Scalia for chief as I am skeptical of Thomas's natural rights originalism. That being said, if it were enshrined in our jurisprudence, I would be happy as a pig in mud.

Two recent articles, here and here, give an appraisal of the good justice and his many virtues.

This is all in response to Sen. Harry Reid's comments on the Russert show stating that Thomas has been an "embarrassment" to the Court, and produces "poorly written" opinions. While hardly rising to the level of racism, as some have screamed, these were in bad taste and hardly reflect the rising esteem that Justice Thomas has received from the liberal legal academy over the past five years. Hopefully, this ship is being righted.

I also recommend a new book, Judging Thomas, which, from the fifty pages of it that I have read, is a very good read.


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