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2008: Giuliani is the Clear Frontrunner?

So says Hugh Hewitt in today's Weekly Standard.

That would be a fun predicament for Catholic conservatives. We'd really see how committed folks are to denying communion to pro-abortion politicians. Some would become quick apologists for Rudy, the former seminarian, saying that he doesn't advocate abortion like Kerry did, and thus should be treated differently. I tend to think the old-line DNA Democrat bishops might all of a sudden become courageous in their role as pastor's and begin to take eucharistic integriy seriously.

Giuliani will most likely soften his position on abortion, come out in favor of overturning Roe, and declare the matter should be left to the states. Similarly, as Hewitt notes, he will probably favor leaving the marriage issue up to the states. If he sound convincing on judicial appointments during the upcoming battles, he is the clear frontrunner. Bill Frist is trying to shore up his conservative bona fides, but he is a weenie in my humble opinion, and people know it.

So what does this mean for the GOP? I tend to think Giuliani is a tough, results-oriented leader. In other words, a guy you want running a big city, the Justice Department, or a cabinet position. But do I want this guy as president? Career politician, three wives, dysfunctional kids. Does personal character matter anymore, or will the GOP put anyone up there to win. Rudy in 2008 and Arnold in 2012? The dirty little secret is that there is a big chunk of the GOP establishment that wishes social conservatism would just go away, and we could get back to the business of protecting our money and security (and whatever lifestyle we choose).

If things continue to play themselves out this way, I might be going third-party in 2008. I'd probably vote from Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) if in the unlikely event he got the Democratic nomination. But given that he looks like a used-car salesman and he is pro-life, I am not expecting this scenario.


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