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Union Leaders: Coming Soon To A Church Near You

While terrorism and the economy dominated mass media framing of the presidential election, a sleeping issue ended up costing Kerry the election, the big R.

Already pundits are warning the nation about the rise of religious conservatives (I can't help but wonder what a religious liberal would look like) and the tremendous wealth and power that they wielded to win the election.

As the democrats do their post mortem on the election, they are realizing they may need to extend an olive branch to those "religious conservatives" if they ever hope to recapture the whitehouse. Interestingly enough, union leaders are already trying to figure out how they can bridge this gap. The only problem, they don't know any "religious conservatives."

As the article notes:

"We have to have that dialogue, but first we have to identify and locate those people," said Burga. "We have stayed away from their issues until now. Now, it's come to the point where the Democratic Party is going to have to have that dialogue."

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds, maybe a born again Hillary Clinton in 2008?


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