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The Silencing of Rocco Buttiglione ... And Other Ominous Signs in Europe

I'm not ready to call the curtains on Europe quite yet, but the recent purging of Rocco Buttiglione, philosopher and papal confidant, from the European Commission clearly because of his "unorthodox" views, is an ominous sign. Today, in the WSJ, Buttiglione has a nice essay on the differences between Europe and America in how each treats religion.

It will also be interesting to see how "tolerant" Europe responds to violent Islamic extremism. So far, it has been an opportunity for nationalist extremists to burn mosques themselves. This article in the International Herald Tribune describes the situation in Holland following the murder of a popular poet by Islamic extremists. It seems the violence on both sides is escalating, and the cultured bureaucrats don't know how to respond. This is the whole problem with "secular" Europe. In its abandonment of Christianity, it has lost the resources to both dialogue and effectively respond with threats to its civilization. In this vacuum, they will either lie down and perish (as they did when they cleaned a 'thou shalt not kill' sign off a wall not to offend Muslims) or the more grisly elements in their society will rise up and react in uber-violent ways, triggering a broader conflict. Pray for Europe.


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