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The Price is Wrong, Bob

"The Price is Right" host Bob Barker has decided to use his game show fortune to bankroll new programs at the nation's premier law schools dedicated to defending animal rights. Interestingly, defending animal rights means to extensively limit their population. Here, Bob describes the situation:

"There are just too many cats and dogs being born," he said. "Animals are being euthanized by the millions simply because there are not enough homes for them. In the United States there is a dog or cat euthanized every 6.5 seconds."

I'm a bit confused by this concept of animal rights. I always thought it meant we should treat animals like people (at least the way we treated people before we started aborting, euthanizing, and cannibalizing them). It now seems that euthanizing animals is a great injustice, and protecting their rights means having them spayed and neutered. Does Bob even know what he is funding?

My favorite part of the interview described how Bob desires to train lawyers to "pass legislation" proteciting animals. Yeah, right. Any citizen can get legislation passed if they are dedicated enough. You don't need lawyers. These programs are going to train people to push a rather unpopular agenda through the courts. Let's hope Bob hangs around long enough to see the actual fruits of his compassionate philanthropy.


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