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Rediscovering a Catholic Bestseller

I finished Robert Hugh Benson's Lord of the World this weekend and must say that it is written for the screen. It's episodic, dramatic, and full of great characters and a bang-up ending. Benson, a son of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Edward White Benson, was an Edwardian sensation for converting to Roman Catholicism. He was also famous for his preaching, in which he worked himself up from a quiet stutter to near manic flailing of arms, his historical novels, often dealing with English Catholics in the days when that was not allowed, and his novels of the end of the world, Lord of the World being the most famous.

His works are coming back steadily as interest in Msgr. Benson grows. A used-book dealer friend tells me he can't keep any of Benson on the shelf for more than a day or so when it comes in. You can get a new copy of Lord of the World here. You can read more about Benson on my friend Don Uitvlugt's Benson site here.


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