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Kinsey, On the Big Screen Just in Time for Christmas

If you thought Michael Moore has an agenda, you haven't seen anything yet.

Still reeling from an across-the-board sweep of gay marriage bans this election, the left is back at it again with Kinsey, a movie of the famous 1940's sex researcher whose flawed findings laid the foundation for the sexual revolution and the normalization of homosexuality.

To give you a feel for the film, here is an excerpt from the article referenced above:

To the disappointment of the director and cast of the film, the Institute could not release the massive amount of sex questionnaires and tapes collected by Kinsey and his staff, including video tapes of volunteers having sex in the attic of his research lab at Indiana University.

As Kinsey began to explore America's sexuality, he came to the difficult discovery that he was bisexual, which led to an affair with a young male researcher, Clyde Martin, played convincingly by Peter Sarsgaard.

In the film, Sarsgaard is the seducer and the two lock in a passionate, semi-nude kiss after interviewing homosexuals about their sex lives.

The film is slated to open just in time for Christmas, Dec. 17th I believe, but our friends at Catholic Outreach have some plans of their own to counter this propoganda piece.

You can learn more from Kinsey's greatest critic, Dr. Judith Reisman. And if you want to get a feel for Kinsey's legacy, check out the Kinsey Institute.


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