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Introducing a non-theologian!

Greetings, Seventh Age readers. I, David Deavel, am the missing third blogger on this very fine blog. A stay-at-home dad and doctoral candidate in theology from Fordham University in New York, I also work as an associate editor for LOGOS: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture (check us out and subscribe at www.stthomas.edu/cathstudies/logos). I also write book reviews as a contributing editor for Gilbert Magazine, published by The American Chesterton Society (see www.chesterton.org).

Jason and Stephen often refer to me as a theologian, but I prefer to stick by the tradition of the Christian east--the only true theologians are the saints--John the Apostle, Gregory of Nyssa, and maybe a few of those other doctors of the Church. I'm a student and always will be; even if I teach others, my goal will be to provide only what the Church teaches when I write on theological matters. On other matters, you never know what I'll say--this to fulfill the prophecy of G. K. Chesterton that "Catholics agree on a few issues and disagree on everything else."


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Jason A.:

Welcome aboard, Dave!

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