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Forget Prayer and Fasting...

The new lay magisterium has done it again, feeling compelled to expunge the Church of all its evil. While I disagree vehemently with the decision to allow the Rainbow Sash folks to the communion table and think laypeople should make their displeasure known (generally in private), I think groups like Ushers of the Eucharist are disgraceful. Did they really find some priest to help them?

I fear that this only breeds sympathy for the gay agenda within the Church and makes orthodox Catholics look bad. For better or worse, people of a conservative or orthodox bent politically or religiously are always lumped together with their most undesirable elements. Think Falwell here.

The other ugly dimension to this story is the fact that the St. Paul police think an attempted exorcism could be a hate crime. How you get from oil and salt to hate is beyond me.

Let's hear your thoughts on this issue folks.


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