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Evolution Gasping for Breath

Evolution's stranglehold on science curriculums is starting to weaken, as evidenced by a recent decision in Wisconsin to allow other accounts of creation to be taught.

Perhaps one of the most striking aspects of this development is the fear it is generating. As soon as evolution is dethroned as the sole acceptable account for our creation, people scream creationism, and make doomesday predictions of a new Scopes Monkey Trial.

Such fear mongering in the face of what amounts to nothing more than permission to raise questions about evolutionary theory, and discuss alternatives (a practice common in just about every other area of scientific inquiry) makes me wonder if the foundations of evolution are starting to give way. No doubt the strong showing of "religious conservatives" in the recent election is fuel on the fire.

I hope creationism doesn't assert itself with the same ideological force that evolution has, but some discussions of competing theories and world views in the classroom would be a welcome change. Who knows, kids might actually learn something!


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