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ESPN and the Left or "Can't a Guy Just Enjoy His Sports?"

A growing trend in recent years, especially at ESPN and Sports Illustrated has been the subtle infusion of liberalism and anti-Bush propaganda. I try not to be a conspiracy theorist, but shaping the common sense of what I would assume to be a solidly Republican voting bloc of sports-enthusiast males toward a liberal perspective is an ingenious plan. If all your favorite sports writers are incessantly commenting about Bush's stupidity, then eventually hearing the lie enough times might convince you it's true. Fortunately, I don't think it works very well and in some cases has the opposite effect.

Case in point: Today's firing of Notre Dame football coach Ty Willingham. The headline for the story was "Only two black coaches left in 1-A". Rather than focusing on the football dimension, the story was about the chilling message this firing sends to African-Americans. Nevermind that on most accounts, Willlingham had lackluster credentials at Stanford before his hiring by Notre Dame. The hiring was largely a PR move after a number of pressure groups encouraged the nation's premier football program to hire an African-American. Now that he has been fired, the decision is being framed as race-motivated, and as the story develops Notre Dame will surely be castigated for not putting racial ideology over the interests of its football program.

Now one can make a credible argument that Willingham should have been allowed to at least finish the final two years of his contract and rebuild the sagging program, however, Notre Dame has just been lousy over the past two seasons. The vaunted West-coast offense has fizzled and Willingham shows no sign of recruiting the players or coaches to run it effectively. Hopefully, this will signal a fresh start and a brighter future for the program.


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