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Do You Really Need a Degree to Evangelize?

In what is certainly a curious development, Cardinal Maida of Detroit has created a new degree program called the Licentiate in the New Evangelization. Never known as one of the more "evangelical" of the bishops, the Cardinal has been allegedly putting this program together for years.

I'm not sure this institutionalizing of the New Evangelization is such a good thing. What sort of classes do you take for this degree? "Putting Your Nets Out For a Catch 3212: An Introduction to Parallels Between Fishing and Preaching." In all seriousness, are we going to have "new evangelization" experts? Will I have to attain a certain level of institutional competency before I can be a part of the New Evangelization? I'm just suspicious of more ideas hatched from chanceries.

In another fun story from the current bishops' meeting, our shepherds have decided to can an initiative to promote bible reading. Now I don't know their reasons for this, and maybe the proposal was a bad one from a theological perspective, but the purported reason the bishops gave for shelving the initiative was that they were concerned about the tremendous amount of material that already comes out of their office, and didn't want to start another program as a way to alleviate costs. Now, considering what other projects they could have shelved, this just seems foolish. Are these guys reall this clueless? (Sorry, I don't have the link to this story).


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