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Conservatives v. Conservatives?

The LA Times has this article describing divisions among conservatives, especially judicial conservative,s over the medical marijuana case (Ashcroft v. Raich) and the wine wholesaler case (Granholm v. Heald) that SCOTUS will be hearing this week.

The big issues are the debate between those that prioritize federalism, the libertarian bloc that prizes individual liberty, and the law-and-order conservatives who seek to protect community values and virtues.

The article describes how "the Right" is hardly a monolith, and there are strong disagreements among fellow members of the Federalist Society. To a certain extent, that keeps our discussions interesting and dynamic.

The cases are like a legal celebrity death-match. Look at these lineups:


Fried, Kmiec, Calabresi, Epstein and Barnett v. (they don't mention the opponents, but surely there are many prominent conservatives against med. marijuana).


Clint Bolick, Ken Starr v. Viet Dinh, Estrada, Bork, C.Boyden Gray


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