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Christmas ("Holiday") Creep

I went into the grocery store today to buy some ice cream, and came out with a striking realization. Thanksgiving is no longer profitable.

In the past, the consumer powers that be tried to squeeze another buying season between Halloween and Christmas, Turkey Day, but not so this year. When I entered the store I was greeted by Christmas trees covered with fake snow (we haven't even had one REAL snowfall here in Minnesota) ornaments, wrapping paper, the whole package. There wasn't a turkey, in sight.

I guess the reasoning must be that it is cheaper to change the displays once for Christmas and extend the season, rather than going through the trouble of changing them twice. Plus, it makes the famous holiday shopping season even longer.

Maybe one day soon the consuming powers that be will catch up with the Church, and have the New Years noise makers and bubbly out for the first week of advent. Until then, may Thanksgiving, and the souls of all the faithfully departed holidays rest in peace.


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