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Christmas Creep Confirmed

So I was at the grocery store at about 11:30 P.M. Saturday night. And of course, the pallets full of food are everywhere, and you have to navigate a floor cleaning machine in every other aisle.

The cashiers were in a somewhat talkative mood, so I asked mine if the Christmas decorations were up early this year. She said they went up 1-2 weeks earlier this year than they have in the past. Strangely enough, she found this early Christmas somewhat offensive, but her take on it was that the weak economoy prompted retailers to start the holiday season early.

So there you have it, Christmas creep confirmed. May Thanksgiving RIP.


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Jason A.:

Actually, retail sales were up quite a bit (I don't know the exact number) in August and September. A weak economy is no excuse. Retailers are expecting a strong season.

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