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Bush Sign Stealers Caught Red Handed

I have heard a lot about sign stealing this election, but last evening it became a reality when my wife and I encounterd some Bush sign stealers.

It was about 11:00 P.M. and we were on our way home when my wife exclaimed she saw some people stealing a Bush sign. We did a quick U-turn and followed the vandals who had apparently replaced a Bush sign at 1818 Goodrich in St. Paul with a Kerry sign.

We trailed them for several blocks, and when they noticed us a high speed chase ensued. My wife was able to get their license plate number, a small blue car with MN plate LJU-636. After tailing them for 5 more minutes, we passed them, wagging our fingers at this group of four highschool students, and proceeded home to notify the authorities.

I think we definitely shook them up a bit, and hopefully discouraged further vandalism, but it serves as a stark reminder of how some will stop at nothing to win this election.


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