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Bishop's Conference Wrap Up

The bishops are done meeting, but there are still a few lose ends to tie up. I was able to track down the article on the bishops' decision to abandon plans to release a statement encouraging Catholics to read the bible for financial reasons.

I'm not sure why such statements are so costly, but we here at The Seventh Age would be happy to write one and submit it to the bishops for approval, to help save them some $$$.

I also found it noteworthy that the bishops decided to focus in on three key areas of need for the Church in the US:

In the next group of votes, the bishops were overwhelmingly supportive of the idea that three themes — evangelization and catechesis, Eucharist and the other sacraments, and vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life — constitute the key pastoral issues the U.S. Catholic Church faces today.

I found this great news. Then I read the next paragraph of the article:

The bishops also agreed by a huge majority, 190-47, that outside experts as well as fellow bishops should participate in leading the discussions about how the bishops should address those issues.

If our bishops themselves aren't "experts" in these topical areas, than who is? It seems to me it is the "staff" and "experts" that have gotten the Church in the US in so much trouble so far.


You CAN speak authoritatively on evangelization, the Eucharist, and vocations, and we WILL LISTEN! No outside experts necessary!


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